While the playground was long considered a place strictly for children, it has now become a public space for all. The inclusive approach now championed by many specialists and organizations dedicated to family and individual development now promotes access for all… for everyone together.

The inclusive approach pools together everyone's needs, regardless of individuals' physical or intellectual condition, regardless of socio-economic status, place of origin, gender, age, culture or religion.

An inclusive playground is an area that fosters access and connection between people and a space where everyone feels welcome.

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Valeurs Inclusives de Jambette

A tool to help you

Our product design takes into account three fundamental aspects of development in particular: the physical, intellectual and sensory aspects. Fully endorsing this approach, throughout its catalogue, Jambette has coded each of its products that factor in these three aspects.

Aspects Intellectuels


  • Imagine
  • Learn
Aspects Sensoriels

Sensory Aspects

  • Socialize
  • See
  • Hear
  • Touch
Aspects Physiques

Physical Aspects

  • Climb
  • Hang
  • Balance
  • Slide
  • Crawl
  • Spin

A genuine play experience for everyone

Inclusive approach - zones

A well-designed park

Through an inclusive approach, which encourages creativity and calls on free play, we are democratizing play, making it accessible and open to everyone.


  • 1 - Welcome
  • 2 - Fitness training
  • 3 - Calm play
  • 4 - Creation
  • 5 - Physical play
L'empreinte Jambette

1- Welcome zone

Near the park entrance, this thoughtfully designed space provides easy access to the other zones. This transition area between the street and the park is where bike stands, benches, tables, garbage bins and recycling bins are located.

L'empreinte Jambette

Fitness training zone

This zone, which can be arranged in the background or as a flagship of the park, is ideal for helping people stay in shape. Various types of outdoor training activities are suggested based on the type of equipment installed. Adults, teens, seniors or even those in rehabilitation will be able to stay active.

L'empreinte Jambette

3- Calm play zone

This corner of the park is perfect for relaxing, reading and meeting with others. It is important to plan some shade here to promote rest. This zone may include a tree, a rocking or hanging nest, tables, benches, a refuge, etc.

L'empreinte Jambette

4- Creation zone

This space is perfect for practising artistic activities: dance, drawing, improvisation, music. Hands-on play structures such as sandboxes are also featured here. The Kitchenette, the Forest Villa and the Creative Space are ideal for role play.

L'empreinte Jambette

5- Physical play zone

Featuring several play structures for children 18 months to 12 years old, this zone promises huge entertainment value for children: climbers, slides, swings, bridges, monkey bars, roundabouts, spinning chairs, etc.

Certified Csa Z614 Certified Astm F1487


Championed for many years already, the Canadian and American standards on playgrounds contain sections and references to accessibility for children with reduced mobility. This primarily involves Appendix H of the CAN/ CSA-Z614 standard and the Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

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L'empreinte Jambette

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