The Workbench

The Workbench

Designed for young children, the Jambette Workbench recreates the world of adults with a playful and irresistible childlike touch!

The Workbench

Counter, saw, screws, tools, level, protractor, clock, everything is there to let their creativity, imagination and socialization blossom. Offer children free and creative play!

As opposed to structured play, free play offers a period of fun that has not been organized by an adult and does not rely on any entertainment system such as a video game.


Free play lets the child be the master of the game. He or she initiates the game, directs it, imagines the goals, sets the course and decides the ending.

The benefits for the child are numerous because free play fosters their psychic, intellectual and motor development with learning that specifically focuses on:

  • Imagination and creativity;
  • Control of emotions;
  • Independence and problem-solving;
  • Self-esteem.