L'empreinte Jambette

By continually revamping recreation

We transform public parks and redefine play to make it a sensory, physical and social experience. We foster access and connections between people by creating spaces where everyone feels welcome.

L'empreinte Jambette

By continually innovating

We do not hesitate to team up with community organizations and specialists to identify young people’s deep-rooted play interests. The creation of a free play lab where kids can experiment, build and create has provided us with an opportunity to let kids guide our design teams in developing equipment that truly supports their development.

L'empreinte Jambette

By pushing our boundaries

We love to dream up spaces that will keep you coming back for more and to create playgrounds of stunning diversity and quality.

Our creativity in response to your projects is extraordinary.

At Jambette, we are fueled by challenges! Customer needs, budgetary constraints, specific features of the land … to us, each requirement provides us with an opportunity to get our creative juices flowing and innovate even further. We adapt and we use established benchmarks to reinvent, do more and do better. We do not hesitate to call on experts to incorporate the play structure more effectively with the amenities already in place. The result: extraordinary installations for children eager to make discoveries that fit perfectly with the configuration of the existing site.

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L'empreinte Jambette

Discover the new way to play.