Wild and free at the park

At Jambette, we are convinced that public parks must offer a true play experience for everyone, young and old alike. With an inclusive approach that encourages creativity and free play, we are making play democratic, so it is accessible and open to everyone. Structures that pair aesthetics with safety, solutions for creating spaces in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, with a touch of flair and imagination. Jambette's signature parks are welcoming, attractive and provide hours of fun.

L'empreinte Jambette

Area 1

Symbolic and creative play area

  • Symbolic play is important in young children's lives. It contributes to children's overall development.
  • Children really need to use their creativity. During creative play, children bring equipment to life, making use of it in various different ways. They must also adapt to different play scenarios and allow these ideas to evolve.

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L'empreinte Jambette

Area 2

Calm play and meeting places

  • The playground as a place to relax.
  • A perfect meeting place for families.

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L'empreinte Jambette

Area 3

Adult area | Fitness training

  • Getting moving while enjoying nature has never been so easy and pleasant.

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L'empreinte Jambette

Area 4


  • A smartly designed area for making the most of time spent at the playground.

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L'empreinte Jambette

Area 5

Physical play

  • Climb, roll, run, crawl, jump, slide, spin, balance… the possibilities are endless.

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L'empreinte Jambette

Area 6

Dynamic play on sloped terrain

  • Adapting play structures to their surrounding environments is one of our specialties.

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