5 essential products for daycares

Claudia Carrier

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Banner 5 essentials for daycare

Daycares are often like a home away from home where children get to meet up with their friends and reinvent their world through play, day after day. For that reason, the environment plays a key role in their social, cognitive and physical development. We’ve compiled a few essential Jambette’s products, designed especially for the needs and reality of daycares and childcare centres.

1. The Craft Table (LA-15001)

This wonderful little table is both light and sturdy. Its slightly textured surfaces hide scratches without taking away from the fun of drawing or colouring on a piece of paper. It is offered in a wide variety of colours, easy to move, and can be permanently attached to the ground, if desired. It is also equipped with an opening in the centre of the tabletop for an umbrella. Super useful on beautiful summer days!

2. The Villa (A-16000)

A classic, the villa is a modern and furnished playhouse. The inside features benches, tables and countertops. Engravings made in the same material as the walls create an ambiance that stimulates interaction, communication and imagination while enhancing the setting. This playhouse is ready to welcome the neighbourhood children!

3. The Kitchenette (A-18000)

Give kids the gift of free play and creative play! Designed for toddlers, the Jambette Kitchenette recreates the universe of adults with an irresistible playful and childish touch! Countertop, stainless steel sink, faucets, oven, clock, decorations, everything is there to let their creativity, their imagination and their socialization flourish.

4. The Xylophone (L-18033-B) and the Bongos (L-18031)

These high-quality musical instruments are durable and attractive. The xylophone is tuned, so harmonious sounds can be created on the classical musical scale, these instruments could even be used in a music camp. These products are anchored to the ground using concrete bases to be built during installation.

5. Sensory Mushroom (C-18001)

Jambette's Sensory mushroom has different textures in its concrete material. Whether using chalk sticks or simply with their hands, this product will quickly become a focus for kids of all ages.