6 super climbers that will add personality to your playground

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

| Products and promotions

We all thirst for new challenges, which is why climbing is both instinctive and motivating for young adventurers in the making. Super climbers foster social and cognitive relationships and stimulate the imagination. We have therefore compiled a list of the 6 super climbers most appreciated by our clients.

Super Grimpeur - La Fusée

6. The Rocket (G-12056)
3…2…1…Lift off! This play structure provides innovative fun physical activities sure to enhance your recreational space. Physical movements such as climbing, hanging, balancing, swinging, crawling and sliding as well as socializing and cognitive activities make Jambette's product an excellent tool for a child’s overall development.

Super Grimpeur - La Créature

5. The Creature (G-15001)
The creature is a funny and amusing structure that attracts attention with its futuristic style out of the ordinary. The module has a multitude of climbing options allowing children to conquer (or tame) the impressive creature. An original angle for a quirky activity!

Super Grimpeur - L'Iceberg

4. The Iceberg (G-19008)
A unique portrayal of nature’s angular grandeur, now easier than ever to bring right to your park. Set off on an adventure and climb its summit through a beautiful mix of flexible cables and climbing walls with holds.

Super Grimpeur - Le Baobab

3. The Baobab (G-13005)
Just like its African counterpart known for its longevity, this majestic structure will reign over your park with nobility and character for years. Its four climbing levels give young climbers an unrivalled psychomotor challenge. The module is available in a stand-alone version or as an attachment to a modular play structure. This product will add charm to your park with its “natural” look. 

Super Grimpeur - Le Rorqual

2. The Whale (G-13001) 
A museum piece in your park! This impressive structure (7 feet long!) recreating the skeleton of this sumptuous sea creature is an imaginative climber with multiple hand holds for a variety of climbing opportunities. The head and fins can be used as surfboards for balance coordination and the tail projecting into the air is a must for young climbers looking for a challenge.

Super Grimpeur - L'Express Jambette

1. The Express Jambette (J3-17349-A)
It's time to board the Jambette Express! Destination: wonder! The express has an evocative style and multiple play options. In addition, since it can be integrated into a psychomotor module, it offers plenty of socializing and cognitive activities, making it an excellent tool for a child’s overall development.