7 must-haves for your neighbourhood playgrounds

Claudia Carrier

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Banner 7 Must-Haves for Parks

Neighbourhood parks are key gathering places where children and their families can create beautiful moments and memories. Playgrounds and outdoor parks encourage people to meet and connect with each other in the community, helping your neighbourhood become a dynamic and inviting place for everyone.

1. Play Structures

Play Structures are an excellent tool for children’s overall development since it encourages physical movements such as climbing, hanging, balancing, swinging, crawling and sliding as well as socializing and cognitive activities. Play structures provide innovative fun physical activities sure to enhance and optimize your recreational space.

2. Modular Systems J2 & J3

Signs, climbers, ladders, slides, roofs, decorations, bridges, passageways, cables, tunnels, and accessible decks and ramps, all adapted to your needs and to the preferences of your park's young enthusiasts. A host of customization and combination possibilities, creating a unique module that reflects the image of your neighbourhood.

3. Manta Modular Climbers

Organically-contoured modular climbers. Alone, combined together or incorporated into a play structure, the Manta climbers are full of opportunities for climbing, hanging and walking on all fours.

4. Super Climbers

Conquer new summits with Jambette’s Super Climbers. Different themes, shapes, angles and types of climbs to explore. They quickly become children's favourite structure on the playground, promoting their social and cognitive development while stimulating their imagination.

5. Kinesis & Fyzik Products

Get fit outside: a dream for many ! Integrated into playgrounds, set up along cycling trails, this equipment enhance getting in shape while providing a total experience that focuses on the health of the body and mind. A Jambette signature solution that combines aesthetics functionality and accessibility.

6. Jazz Outdoor Furniture

Fun, versatile furniture design that integrates perfectly with your play equipment! Classic Jazz outdoor furniture is more than just comfortable and attractive. It is also the logical choice for anyone who wants to optimize an outdoor public space from a budgetary performance perspective. Jazz products are offered in various configurations, styles, and colour options, in order to create a fun inviting atmosphere for both children and adults.

7. Spring Riders and balance components

For an amazing play experience! Jambette offers a variety of themed models of spring riders equipment and balance elements, such as the Xyrä-45 spinner. In addition to being mounted on sturdy supports, the seats, steering wheels and engravings representing themes add to the fun and stimulate children's imaginations.