8 coolest inclusive novelties

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

Banner 8 inclusive novelties

At Jambette, we are convinced that public parks must offer a true play experience for everyone, young and old alike. With an inclusive approach that encourages creativity and free play, we are democratizing play, making it accessible and open to everyone. Structures that pair aesthetics with safety, solutions for creating spaces in perfect harmony with the environment, with a touch of flair and imagination.

1. Non-verbal communication board (french-english/double-sided) (L-20029)

This panel features a large selection of communication pictograms that allows children who are mute or have language difficulties to communicate. In French on one side and English on the other.

2. The Gondola

This platform, which rocks from right to left, has all the space needed to accommodate two wheelchair users. The area offers an interesting socializing place for children with mobility disability. To be wheelchair accessible, this component must be attached to a play structure equipped with a ramp.

3. The inclusive scooter roundabout (SIR000)

Experiencing a rotating motion helps develop the inner ear and sense of balance. A small platform with a handle that acts as a scooter helps propel the large platform, installed flush with the ground to provide ideal access for a wheelchair. A platform that accommodates several children at once fosters inclusion, interaction with others and socializing.

4. The accessible wheelchair swing set (L-19086)

To be able to swing without leaving your wheelchair. This is the extraordinary experience we want you to feel with our new swing set. Equipped with a mechanism to help get on and off easily, this swing set benefits from many characteristics that help make it safe, durable and very efficient.

5. Suspended nest (L-19080)

Ideal for those who need a moment of tranquility. The slight swinging movement of this equipment provides a relaxing effect. In addition, the enveloping shape of its walls can offer its user a soothing effect and a sense of security.

6. Accessible sand digger (L-15011)

For budding excavators, this digger helps develop hand and eye coordination while they dig and dump. Working the levers to capture the sand with the bucket is a coordination challenge, and helps develop observation and spatial organization. A piece of equipment such as this without an integrated seat allows it to be used from a wheelchair. 

7. Spinning chair (L-18043)

An excellent complement to your park, this spinner is used in a forward sitting position. It creates a rotary movement thanks to its vertical axis. An experience not to be missed!

8. Freestanding xylophone panel (L-13009-A)

For small budding musicians, our xylophone panel actually plays the notes of the scale. This musical instrument stimulates auditory abilities and helps develop coordination of movements and rhythm. Well-placed equipment at a specific height from the ground provides ideal access for a wheelchair and the note names are also engraved into the polyethylene panel for sight recognition. A sensory experience that will add value and fun to your recreational space.