ADVENTURE LAB : the freedom to play !

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

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The Adventure Lab, a brand new, Jambette signature, exclusive free play concept. In partnership with Patro de Lévis and with the collaboration of specialists from the area, this visionary project will be launched in summer 2019, to discover kids’ interests when it comes to free play. A successful example of a social economy business and a private company working together for the great benefit of children in the Lévis area.

It’s in this outstanding playground that kids will be able to experiment and create their own fun universe by using reclaimed materials. A first-ever, outdoor, free-play playground that will allow children to express their creativity and use their imagination and spontaneity, as masters of their own game.

Jambette understands that the best people to determine what children find fun are ... children!

The goal of this project will be to better understand and better respond to the needs, preferences and habits of kids, by fostering their social development, autonomy and self-esteem. By observing children, Jambette can develop equipment that truly supports their development and by being in contact with the children, in this brand new framework, Patro will develop a new expertise in hosting activities. We’re going straight to the source to innovate better.

A project to promote unique experiences. Happy exploring!

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