Developing children's creativity through Jambette's playground equipment!

Claudia Carrier

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Everyone plays, even adults. People are forever learning and building on their achievements, and everyone is creative in their own way! Adults who have already learned language concepts even enjoy playing with words. This type of play is an integral part of human creativity.

The child is at the threshold of the educational adventure involving the application of creativity

Pirate ship playground equipment

He begins to play with other children around age two. In The Pirate Hunt themed playground, he invents stories in which he and his friends have roles.

Jambette playground equipment

He invents stories in which he and his friends have roles. Play structures gain fictional purposes. A bar of the play structure becomes a fireman’s pole; a bridge represents a tightrope connecting very tall buildings, etc.

Spring riders

While driving his Fire Truck, iThe child learns about the concepts of fiction and reality that will be very useful to him in many situations! He understands that a game is a fictional activity, different from reality, and one where he can use his vivid imagination. Then, he learns that the same parameters do not apply to daily life.

He distinguishes the difference, a very valuable ability for a developing little human being

Children learn through play ! This is why Jambette develops and designs play equipment that promotes cognitive and language development of the child. To learn more about how play contributes to every aspect of child development, download our Clever Little Guide to Getting Children Out to Play .