Encouraging unstructured outdoor play

Claudia Carrier

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Unstructured outdoor play contributes even more to the full development of children abilities. Since the environment outdoors is less structured, it offers children a greater variety of movement, more freedom of action and more space. It has been proven that when a child has access to a large playground and outdoor space, he changes his usual behaviour and chooses activities that involve running. Also, since children are more active outdoors, playing outdoors contributes to reducing, even curbing, obesity.

Outdoors and especially at a playground, a child can practise his motor skills on playground equipment designed for this purpose. In play structures, a child can slide, walk up stairs and climb ropes and walls.

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Playground structure

Babies enjoy being swung. Older children can even swing on their tummies.

swing set

The sandbox is also a great place to stimulate the senses and use motor skills, while grass is the perfect setting for children to explore different movements and improve their protective reflexes.

Sand box

Therefore, it is important to encourage the development of various motor skills and the regular practice of physical activities, ideally on a daily basis. Doing so will help children maintain a physically active lifestyle during adolescence and adulthood.

Children learn through play ! This is why Jambette develops and designs play equipment that promotes the child's physical and motor development. To learn more about how play contributes to every aspect of child development, download our Clever Little Guide to Getting Children Out to Play .