Jambette participates in a discussion panel at les Grands Rendez-vous CPA

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

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Grand Rendez-Vous CPA

On November 21st, our president, Marie-Noël Grenier, will take part in a discussion panel for the “Journée entreprise, cabinet et secteur public” of the Grand Rendez-vous CPA at the Convention Centre of Quebec City. The Grands Rendez-vous CPA are organized with the objective of supporting the professional development of CPAs, regardless of their industry. These annual events aim at developing professional accountants’ leadership and inspiring them to become agents of change in their organization.

Marie-Noël Grenier will participate in the discussion panel «Tendances – Pratiques RH innovantes : le statu quo ne tient plus», which is about the importance of integrating innovating HR practices. 

For Jambette's management team, innovation is just as important in the development of new products as it is in HR practices. Here, we recognize that the success of our company is due to the involvement, devotion, and hard work of all of our employees. They are an integral part of our success.

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