Jambette playground equipment, A FANTASTIC FOUNDATION FOR SCHOOL !

Claudia Carrier

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Did you know that play makes academic learning more accessible ?

First, the child will have mastered his language, improved his vocabulary and enriched his ability to communicate. As a result, there is a good chance that learning to read and write will come more naturally to the child, not to mention the fact that he may have had contact with children from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Jambette playground equipment

Because the child must sit up straight at his desk, particularly for writing, he must build muscle tone, which is what play does, especially physical play outdoors. Jumping, climbing and exertion are perfect activities to strengthen muscles.

While playing, the child also discovers which hand – right or left – is his dominant hand.

This way, he learns to differentiate concepts that he will need for reading and writing and, of course, moving about and finding his bearings, etc.

Jambette outdoor playground

Moreover, in the time and space of play, concepts are inevitably clarified, including over-under, front-back, high-low and before-after. These concepts are very important in reading and writing. They are also present in mathematics, just like right-left. Equipped with this knowledge, the child is able to understand the ideas of row, column, number position, etc.

Jambette park equipment

Children learn through play ! This is why Jambette develops and designs play equipment that promotes the child's cognitive and language development. To learn more about how play contributes to every aspect of child development, download our Clever Little Guide to Getting Children Out to Play .