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Approved by independent engineers and used by more than 1,800 municipalities and schools across Canada, our anchoring solution has proven its effectiveness in the harshest Canadian conditions.

Its installation is the easiest: performed with minimal components, it can be installed by competent or properly supervised handymen.

Jambette's proprietary stringer system anchoring solution

Their incredible resistance is given by the hot-dipped galvanized that prevents rust for at least 25 years*. When combined with one of Jambette’s many aluminum modules, a Jambette project becomes virtually rust-free. 
*provided it is not located in coastal areas near the ocean

Our stringer system eliminates the need for concrete work and on-site welding. In addition of being ecological, this economical solution reduces the need for deep excavation and allows less than 14 inches of excavation.

Jambette's proprietary stringer system anchoring solution

Our anchoring solution is flexible, it allows the play structure to be moved as needed and for the modules to be repositioned.

Jambette's proprietary stringer system anchoring solution

Jambette's proprietary stringer system: an anchoring solution that will exceed all your expectations!