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Need a skilled technician to check your Jambette equipment? We have the solution!

Our experienced and certified technician will perform a complete inspection of your Jambette equipment: general condition of structures, level of cushioning surfaces, stability and much more. In addition, he will inform you about any issues or problems likely to affect the adequate functioning of your playground!

Once on site, he can make minor adjustments, such as:

- Tightening up or securing structures

- Minor paint touch-ups

- Adding missing hardware parts

- Replacing parts following current standards

- Adding or leveling of cedar fiber surfaces (not in excess of two cubic yards)

If our Mobil Unit service can be of assistance to you, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote! And to make sure that we send you as accurate a quote as possible, please send us pictures of your modules, making sure that they show the level of mulch on the ground at the bottom of slides and under climbing walls and swings.

Would you like to call on our technician? Contact us today at: