Play for all: Close-up of the inclusive park!

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

Jambette: an inclusive approach

The inclusive approach brings everyone’s needs together, regardless of individual physical or intellectual conditions and regardless of socioeconomic situation, place of origin, gender, age, culture or religion.

An inclusive playground is a space that fosters access and interaction between people, a space where everyone feels welcome.

At Jambette, we like to believe that we bring people together, that we make the playground a meeting place for all, young and old alike, active or not so much.

Play for all: an inclusive approach is an informative tool that will help you plan the development of your park to make it more inclusive and accessible to all.

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A tool to help you!

Our product design takes into account three fundamental aspects of children’s development: the physical, intellectual and sensory aspects. Fully supporting this approach, Jambette uses symbols to indicate each of its products that take into account these three aspects.


Large selection of inclusive products and modules

Jambette cares about the challenges that children with reduced mobility face. That is why we created a wide-range of products that are both stimulating and user-friendly for children with special needs:

  • Adaptive swings and seats
  • Musical instruments
  • Accessible platforms, modules and spinners
  • Language and communication panels
  • Free play products (kitchenette, villa, tipi)
  • Play structures and much more!


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