The benefits of the toy box

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

Les bénéfices d'un coffre à jouet article par Jambette

An indispensable accessory for any play area, the toy box is much more than a simple, functional storage item...


 The toy box is an item that can store a range of toys that children can choose on their own. The presence of the toy box therefore allows children to play on their own in an unstructured way and using their imagination!

As  Clémence Risler from Vifa Magazine mentions :  A simple bin always made available to children may very well contain what is needed to get their creativity going [...]

In addition to balls, Frisbees and skipping ropes, an assortment of other items can be placed in there.

Together, children play, and, using items made available to them, use their imaginations to come up with new games, new ideas and new opportunities to "make believe."

Les bénéfices d'un coffre à jouet article par Jambette


"Make believe" is a symbolic game that is especially important for children's development.
Between three and seven years old is the time when children are able to take part in this game, which will help them significantly in developing their independence and self-confidence. At this age, playing make believe also helps children develop their moral sense by mastering their emotions and containing actions that might be unacceptable.
In short, leaving room for children's imaginations by making a variety of objects and toys available to them is much more beneficial than we may realize!

Benefits of the tow box by Jambette

Placed near your play area, our self-serve storage box will be accessible at any time and can hold a wide variety of items. In addition to allowing children to benefit from the advantages of its use and giving them opportunities for beneficial play, Jambette's self-serve storage box is durable! Made of UV-resistant polyethylene, it is maintenance-free.

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