The Big Park: Unveiling the inclusive park at the Grand Village

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

Play for all! This summer, Jambette had the great honor of partnering with the Grand Village to offer an accessible and inclusive park to its wonderful campers with special needs - but just as excited to go play at the Jambette Park!

Thus, we are unveiling... The Big Park! A playground adapted for teens and young adults with special needs (intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, autism spectrum disorder).

The inclusive approach brings together the needs of all, regardless of the physical or intellectual condition of individuals, regardless of socioeconomic status, place of origin, gender, age, culture or religion.

The Big Park is divided into 4 sections that will allow the happy campers to live a variety of experiences: calm games, creative games, physical games and dynamic games. It will become the central point of the camp activities; the gathering place for all!

Discover our inclusive line

Until November 30th, you can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign hosted by La Ruche. Give all Grand Village campers the chance to have fun and socialize in a Jambette Park designed just for them!

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