The Inclusive Playground, Jambette Style

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

Jambette is transforming public parks and redefining play to make it a sensory, physical and social experience by being wildly creative, seeking to renew recreation again and again, with installations that are original, colourful and welcoming.

The inclusive playground

The playground was long considered a place strictly for children. The inclusive approach now championed by many specialists and organizations dedicated to the development of families and individuals recommends access for all, regardless of individual physical or intellectual conditions. The inclusive playground ignores socioeconomic situation, place of origin, gender, age, culture or religion. It is a space that fosters access and interaction between people, a space where everyone feels welcome.

The inclusive playground, signed Jambette

At Jambette, we think that public parks should offer a true play experience to everyone, young and old alike. With an inclusive approach that encourages creativity and free play, we are making play democratic, so it is accessible and open to everyone. Our structures combine aesthetics and safety, our solutions allow spaces to be developed in perfect harmony with the environment, with a touch of boldness and imagination.

Inclusive playgrounds

Jambette signature parks welcome, charm and amuse young and old alike for hours on end. The creation of activity zones promotes inclusion by meeting the different needs of all park users. The inclusive concept will include a welcome zone area (1) and several areas with various functions such as training (2), calm play (3), creativity (4) and physical play (5).

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