To infinity and beyond !

Claudia Carrier

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 Ready for adventure?

With these beautiful game structures and accessories, your mini astronauts will be fully equipped to go in search of an unknown star!

Parc spatial article par Jambette

This play structure provides innovative fun physical activities sure to enhance your recreational space. Physical movements such as climbing, hanging, balancing, swinging, crawling and sliding as well as socializing and cognitive activities make Jambette's product an excellent tool for a child’s overall development.

Parc spatial article par Jambette

These models (1) (2) of spring riders are always popular with the little ones. Their high sides, flat seats, footrests and small diameter handles make them a perfect fit for tiny hands.

Parc spatial article par Jambette

Game counters help to promote the social and imaginative development of children. By providing a counter underneath the structure, it encourages children to simulate role play.

Parc spatial article par Jambette

The Jambette telescope looks and feels like the real thing. By looking through the eyepiece, you can see a star shape outlined of the end of the optical tube.

The hexagonal roof with stars  provides both protection against the sun's rays and the impression of being in a play house. The shape of the roof adds a nice aesthetic to the product.

Parc spatial article par Jambette

This spinner can be used in a sitting position or lying facedown. It creates a rotation motion through its slightly inclined vertical axis. Like a trip aboard a space rocket, it's an individual experience you can't miss !