Toddler-Splash : Water spray fun for the little ones at day care

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

Imagine children playing on a surface that provides comfort and flexibility, while absorbing their light unsteadiness. The new Toddler-Splash product line is made of a rubber and polyurethane cushioning material that is UV-resistant and offers unparalleled durability. This fantastic splash pad connects to your outdoor tap and can usually be installed in one day.


The honeycomb structure beneath the pad allows room for piping and water drainage. This high-end product can be placed on a hard surface such as asphalt or on ground previously prepared and levelled.

The pipe system under the rubber surface is of commercial grade recommended for this type of installation. All connections are quality ‘’quick plug’’ type. The nozzles are made of HDPE polyethylene, guaranteeing excellent durability. When fall arrives, you have everything you need to ensure worry-free winterization of the pipes and allow an easy start-up the following season.

Toddler-Splash 3

  • Dimensions: 23’-6’’ x 19’-6’’ / 7,1 m x 5,9 m
  • Capacity: 10 children (18 months – 5 years)
  • Includes 5 nozzles
  • Base model WR-20002
  • Model with control cabinet WR-20002C (shown above)

Toddler-Splash 2

  • Dimensions: 19’-6’’ x 15’-6’’ / 5,9 m x 4,7 m
  • Capacity: 8 children (18 months – 5 years)
  • Includes 4 nozzles
  • Base model WR-20001
  • Model with control cabinet WR-20001C

Toddler-Splash 1

  • Dimensions: 15’-6’’ x 11’-6’’ / 4,7 m x 3,5 m
  • Capacity: 6 children (18 months – 5 years)
  • Includes 3 nozzles
  • Base model WR-20000
  • Model with control cabinet WR-20000C

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