Unstructured outdoor play at the park to prevent risks of depression

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

| Learning

outdoor playground for children

From a clinical standpoint, play has a tremendous impact on mitigating certain problems. It has been proven that the act of playing reduces attention deficit disorder and depression. It is well known that the latter is on the increase. Is it possible to establish a connection between a decrease in outdoor play and this social reality? Chances are that the answer is yes.

By contrast, the more the child plays, the more he improves his mood and self-image.

Moreover, the child is less likely to feel stress and symptoms related to anxiety and more likely to be able to integrate the ability to control his feelings and the fears that inevitably arise.

In truth, play is simply necessary for the child’s psychological balance.

Some pathologists have even gone so far as to state that neurosis consists of a play deficit… Whatever the case, play simply makes good sense and should be advocated.

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