World Design Summit 2017

Claudia Carrier

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world design summit

The World Design Summit gathers 3500 industry professionals, 500 expert speakers, 100 provocative topics 25 luminary keynotes, and 6 leading design disciplines in one place.

"This is not just another design Congress. This is an opportunity to take an active part in kickstarting a global initiative. This is an international incubator for re-thinking the mission of the designer and the design process. This is about more than just the latest trends – it is about your role as a creative leader in society, business, culture and governance. Designers, architects, planners and landscape architects are gathering for the first time under one roof to share perspectives, foster collaboration and cross-pollinate innovative ideas. This is about our future. And how to transform it together by design." - quote taken form World Design Summit's website

Sommet mondial du design

Jambette proud to take part in this unique event.

Come meet our representatives at the World Design Summit held in Montreal from October 17th to 20th, booth 019-01-02-03-04. We will be presenting Manta: Organically-contoured modular climber. Alone, combined together or incorporated into a play structure, the Manta climber is full of opportunities for climbing, hanging and walking on all fours.

New Manta en

For more information about the congress, click here!