You can’t wait to take a first look at Jambette’s new 2023-2024 catalogue?

Claudia Carrier

Communication, adjointe de projets

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Wait no longer! Our new leaflet is now available online: Zoom for the young explorers!

For our customers to best benefit from our products, we decided to put together a leaflet with all our latest designs in a single place!

Heavenly convenient, isn't it?

Our representatives will certainly make good use of this promotional tool across Canada (and the USA) to your benefit by the same token.

You are probably wondering about Jambette’s newest products? More than 10 new lines and products are now available, including Parkours modules, climbers of every kind, amazing modular structures and much more.

Create the Jambette playground of your dreams today!

Wait no longer! Browse the online leaflet now right her

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